The world is facing an unprecedented environmental crisis. In just 50 years, over half of all wildlife has disappeared.
Ecosystems are collapsing, and the window to limit the impacts of climate change is closing. Environmental and social justice have become inextricably linked.
Building resilience and safeguarding Malawi’s natural capital is essential to secure a prosperous, just, and sustainable future for all.



ICON strives to address the fragmented in-country environmental advocacy, and connect science with decision-making for a clear and accessible discourse that engages, informs, and inspires action.  ICON will:

  1. Convene leading experts from academia, politics, business, government, and civil society to deliver evidence-based research that addresses Malawi’s most pressing environmental challenges in the context of its development agenda.   
  2. Adopt a creative communications and advocacy approach that engages all levels of society from decision-makers and influencers through to the public at large.  Mainstreaming a new nature narrative will drive collective action which in turn will catalyze transformational change.  Citizen support gives policy makers licence to act and put public interest first, and conversely gives the desired institutional and policy reforms the best chance of success.

Scope of Work


Together with its partners, ICON:

  • Conducts, publishes, and disseminates research   
  • Facilitates cross-sector dialogue & collaboration
  • Builds media capacity 
  • Run issues-based campaigns 

ICON will focus on the Sustainable Development Goals that help protect the biosphere: climate action (13), life below water (14), life on land (15). These are essential for social justice and economic development and underpin all other SDG goals. ICON also stimulates cross-sector dialogue and collaboration, and thus is also working towards the goal on partnerships (17).


ICON's People


ICON's Partners