Scope of Work

Together with its partners, ICON will:

  • Conduct research and disseminate the associated briefing papers
  • Facilitate cross-sector dialogue & collaboration
  • Build media capacity 
  • Conduct issues-based campaigns that harness public and political will

ICON will focus on the Sustainable Development Goals that help protect the biosphere: climate action (13), life below water (14), life on land (15). These are essential for social justice and economic development and underpin all other SDG goals. Given that ICON shall also stimulate cross-sector dialogue and collaboration, it is also working towards the goal on partnerships (17).

Biodiversity protection

Biodiversity and the associated ecosystems are essential for food security, nutrition, access to water, and health of the rural poor.  Ecological processes maintain soil productivity, nutrient recycling, the cleansing of air and water, and climatic cycles.

Natural resource management

Malawi’s natural resources need to be managed sustainably for the benefit of all citizens, whether its fish stocks that provide protein, or forests that give us energy and protect us from natural disasters.

Wildlife & forest crime

One of the greatest global threats to biodiversity also incites corruption and threatens national security and the rule of law.

Plastics & pollution

Unregulated waste is polluting our waterways and soils and destroying our natural heritage.  We should be promoting green industries that are good for both people and environment.



ICON's Approach